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installation: four auto-pole / forex, digital-print, 90x40x230cm / backlite print 350x250x200cm, videoprojection 45min

Istanbul, -> Siemens Sanat, Biennale -> Cityscale

The SYNTOPIAN REFUGE materializes in a temporary micro-space that manifests a transportable protective skin. GOBOTAG_STATION presents a public opinion becomes sculpture. The installation is based on a multi-part urban happening, which employed a pedestrian opinion poll on five vedute of Munich and Istanbul. The choices of the passers-by were converted into a six-part “diagram sculpture”. The sculpture is surrounded by a three-dimensional wall piece representing an “analysis” of the structure of the passers-by. Read More »


Istanbul, Sirkeci Station. Pedestrian opinion poll on vedute of Istanbul and Munich

materials: urban interface with five vedute, flyers, stamps, passers-by

performers: Fatma Gul, Juliane Zellner

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