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Turbulence Indices

Hybrid building: Rotsch/Fadhel, Center for Turbulence Re., Baghdad 2022



‘Ein Haus in Bagdad’

‘Ein Haus in Bagdad: Vom Forschungsprozess zum Rohbau’ by Michaela Rotsch and Kadir Fadhel 

in: Architekturführer Irak/Syrien, ed. Lore Mühlbauer / Yasser Shretah, p. 100 – 109. dompublishers Berlin, 2022



Work structure in the urban space of Baghdad / exchange project with Kadir Fadhel

ARABESQUE GOBOTAG, structure, Genius Loci Baghdad, 2020 

Extract from the project: Turbulence Research and Urban Space


Design: Zvezdana Pelengic

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black/beige, acrylic/wool

paper design block 76 x 335 cm –> arabesque modular designs

48 design blocks

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(DE ) Shanghai/China_Textil

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(DE ) Atlas/Maroc_Textil 2

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(DE ) Atlas/Maroc_Textil 1

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Arabesque Modular Designs

modular design, paper 38 x 27 cm  |  design block (detail), paper

The scrap of paper (-> GOBOTAG_STRUCTURE) has become a template. This is adapted by many different people to generate a variety of modular designs, which form arabesque structures of both shapes and perception.  Read More »


The space between two figures was cut out from a film still of the movie “Gattaca” (1997) and became a meaningless scrap of paper. -> GOBOTAG_STRUCTURE