Arabesque Modular Designs

modular design, paper 38 x 27 cm  |  design block (detail), paper

The scrap of paper (-> GOBOTAG_STRUCTURE) has become a template. This is adapted by many different people to generate a variety of modular designs, which form arabesque structures of both shapes and perception. 

six design blocks, paper; each 76 x 335 cm

Different expressions of handiwork from the participating persons are becoming visible.

So the rules of composition are used in a different way, also the modules are cut in a special identic shape: in a more exact form or more generous interpretation to the template

Each artisan selected by the artist creates their own GOBOTAG template from the master template. Small variations exist in these second order templates. These imperfections are fundamentally important and are following the arabesque principle of “adaptation and deviation”, which is further exemplified by the differences in the use of the GOBOTAG template.

The unique qualities of the different production processes give each design an appearance which is a combination of the GOBOTAG and the local culture. The modular designs are created using a variety of methods and materials selected by Michaela Rotsch — typical of the area in which they are being produced (e.g woven or knitted fabrics). The basic principle of the development of GOBOTAG is the arabesque principle of “gaps and sinuous lines“.