Gobotag is the concept of a „space between“ which has developed from a scrap of paper to a template and a modular design, then through successive installations to a GOBO (Graphical Optical Blackout) and a TAG, a mark in the urban space, which can be introduced to the environment as a physical or virtual object, using a variety of materials and structures.

A meaningless scrap of paper became the indicator of a global structure:

In 2007 Michaela Rotsch initiated the global and participative GOBOTAG structure. The space between two figures was cut out from a film still of the movie “Gattaca” (1997) and became a meaningless scrap of paper. This snippet became GOBOTAG by being reproduced in modular designs and tagged images. The GOBOTAG is the central form linking a worldwide, cross-cultural repository of images, videos, textiles and other materials. In collaboration with different disciplines and actors, configurations emerge in the space between individual design and pattern generation.

The material realisations generated in this overarching structure are transformed into temporary installations in public spaces, lying on the border between the visual arts and various cultures of design – such as product design, urban design and design models from the life sciences. These installations make the processes of perception, material and shape visible, while promoting a re-evaluation of these ideas.
So far, the GOBOTAG has appeared in the Atlas Mountains, in Shanghai, in Ahmedabad, in Slovenia, Vienna, Berlin, Brno, Baghdad and Munich, and continues to develop.

The GOBOTAG structure explores the concept of perfection by contrasting the perfect DNA design from „Gattaca“, with the principles of imperfection and difference: The continuous reproduction of paper templates by many “hands” propagates an emergent structure, which is defined by the principles of “adaptation and deviation” and “gaps and sinuous lines“ ( -> GOBOTAG_ARABESKE )

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